About Us

Black Pebble Design was born out of an idea to create an all inclusive working design studio. I have ventured down this path following a passion to live a creative adventure, and aim to help you to take a more holistic approach to your home and the way you live.

I am a qualified interior designer/decorator. I provide freelance design/decoration services within the local area, however, my core passion is to build on this service to teach and encourage people about sustainable design and eco-friendly interior decoration. I hope to make this thought ‘front of mind’ and accessible to everyone.

I understand that we live in a convenient society, and it is often easiest to buy what we already know or what is on the shelf.  But I also I believe that a large majority of people all have a similiar community based ideal, and that is to buy locally and support local businesses, to buy ethically, to be sustainable and reduce our contact with harmful creations. 

Design Style
My design style reflects a harmony of all things old and new with naturally beautiful elements. I love a balanced mix of contemporary and traditional styles, I love warmth and texture, and I love making choices that are good for the environment too.

You will notice that I am incredibly passionate about our planet, about reducing waste, and above all passionate about providing happy and healthy homes.  I would love to help you discover and create your perfect space to live in, to love and to grow.