Bringing Windsor back ‘one building at a time’

If you have ventured into the Windsor Mall recently, you will have noticed that a local iconic building, Paine Ross & Co, has recently had a makeover. We had much pleasure in developing a new exterior colour scheme and interpreting the history of this old building. With the owners blessing, we were able to create a scheme that was bold, one that was unexpected and one that also paid respect to the building’s heritage and the local surroundings.

The main building fronts Windsor Mall, with a modern addition on the lower end of Kable street. We flooded this newer addition with a burst of colour, allowing the original brickwork to shine. We engaged a local signwriter to reinstate the original name plaque, and hand-script the buildings story on the side wall.

This beautiful building was once flaking and no longer shining, now it is standing proud keeping the integrity and faith it deserved. Colours used:

  • Porters Caspian Sea
  • Porters Mariner
  • Porters Tusk

We are so excited and grateful to be part of the Windsor Town Centres Improvement project.

Bringing Historic Windsor back ‘one building at a time’.